Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Snoozer Buddy Bike

The problem:
Sully my Havanese is small with short legs, he only can run side by side with my bike for about .75 miles. Our usual bike ride is at least 2 miles. I would have to go back and droip him back off at home, or just leave him there to begin with. It can't be family time when one is left behind, can it?

My solution was scouring the internet for a bike basket that would
fit my furry, somewhat long dog, without interrupting my ride. I found the Snoozer Basket below, I purchased it in gray.

(stock photo)

The Snoozer Buddy Bike Basket installs to handle bars in only a few minutes with no tools necessary. The carry basket is made of a durable microfiber that easily and quickly wipes clean for pet parents who are on the go. Includes a removable inner pad and chin rest for pet's comfort, removable rain cover with opening for dog's head and multiple mesh pockets for treats, toys and more.
  • Easy handlebar installation sets up in minutes with no tools necessary
  • Durable microfiber exterior easily wipes clean
  • Removable inner pad and padded chin rest for added comfort
  • Features a rain cover with opening for dog's head
  • Includes a water bottle pocket and multiple mesh pockets for toys, chews & food
* * * * * * * * * * *

My 2 cents on the Snoozer:

Seems flimsy when you pull it from the box. I was worried about putting my almost 10lb Havanese in it. I thought about repackaging it and sending it right back, but in all fairness I decided to set it up and give it a once over.

I will give them high marks on choice of fabrics. The gray is more of a gray-blue, but soft and the use of fleece lining makes it look soft and comfy. I thought about thought about tossing Sully into it while it was sitting on the floor. He was not amused jumped out fast. In Snoozer's defense, Sully is not a box sitting type of dog.

The pockets are great! I can carry my son's water bottle and his Leapster 2. Not quite what they are used for, but it's usual for what I would use it for! There is also a rain cover for the dog attached to the one of pockets. This was a bonus I didn't realize as where I got this basket from didn't have this little perk listed that I saw.

There is a harness attachment for you to secure in your pat.
Sully is not a jumper, and settles himself inside. I honestly don't use them, but another good selling feature.

I thought what the heck, I will put it on my bike and see it it is as simple as the instructions say. Basically unfold, place stability bar in bottom, attach to handle bars and rest stability bar to main tube of bike. It actually was that easy.

The True Test:
Now for the meat of it, will the dog like it. Sully is not a rider. He is categorized more as a yacker. I was really hoping not to have to clean up puke from his coat and my bike. He was shaking likew a leaf the first time he was placed in there. As I kicked off, I turned the basket sways more then I would ideally want it too. Sully was pleasantly content once we got going, and was rearing to go on the boke ride again today.

Cute design, lightweight (I thought would be a con, but was wrong), Sully will use it (that should be a selling point for any owner that my super picky dog will enjoy it!). Solves a problem, letting you bring your small pet with you on longer bike rides. Can also be used as a carrier!

Not a huge fan of the clips to attach to the handle bars or really the way the stability bar rests on the main pipe of the bike. That being said, if they were to change it up and put a strap like in the handle bars along with the stability bar to reduce the baskets sway, I would be VERY happy with it.

The Verdict:
When it comes down to it, it all comes down to how safe your pet will be. I like this product, even though initially I was worried. Pricing is erratic anywhere between 42-80+ bucks! My suggestion is find it at a dealer that is charging less, or has free shipping. I finally decided on Blue Planet Products who offered free shipping.

"Mom, are you sure about this?" He asks as he was shaking like a leaf.
I will pretend this is not a vehicle and try not to yack all over you!
Less than 1/4 way through the first ride he stopped shaking and started having fun.
He was much happier riding than getting dragged on a leash. Here he really was having fun. Barking up at me like he was ready to play!
This is his trying to look cool in front of other dogs look!


♥Lisa♥ @ FinalScore:Boys3Girls2 on June 24, 2009 at 9:39 PM said...

thats very cute! i want pics of sully in it!

Tina on June 24, 2009 at 9:47 PM said...

looks like Diva in the basket...

Krimmyk on June 25, 2009 at 9:52 AM said...

Thought you would like that Tina!

Sully is shying away from the camera till the last groomers hack job has grown out on his head! I told her only to wash and dry, nothing else! You know the lady who attributed his coat color to dry hair, not the fact he is genetically predisposed to being a charcoal-blue! From now on it is LaDawn grooming him or myself, peroid!


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