Saturday, July 11, 2009

Did the gorilla attacked box during shipping?

Scale of 1(worst)-5(best) breakdown.

Shipping speed: Surprisingly fast-5
Status out of the box: Little scratched up, box ruined-3.5
Playability/fun for son-5
Worth the money: 5

My son is collecting the Imaginext toys, he loves them. He has been looking at this toy for a while, I just wasn't wanting to pay 20 bucks for it. Finding this one on sale for 10 dollars was a deal I couldn't pass up! He loves the toy. I was only put off by the fact that the box was more than tattered. Ripped, torn, and falling apart. All and all it was a deal, BUT Walmart needs to be more careful with the open toy packaging. Or make sure the gorilla doesn't get flustered in the shipping process and destroy the box.



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