Thursday, December 17, 2009

Last Second Christmas gift from KIDOZ!

For my initial blog post on KIDOZ look here

When I initially was approached about this program I was guarded.  Could I really have a place that is safe for the little dude to play online safely?  Even putting him on Disney, I would have him screaming within minutes about the pop ups taking over the screen., or him hitting the pull down menu and getting lost somewhere.  With KIDOZ there is none of those issues after months of using it.  I can have him say he wants to play and not have to worry about what he is clicking as it is like a kids version of Firefox or Explorer where they can see video clips from children shows, browse sites, and play games. 

Now I have kept up to date with KIDOZ as they have been tweaking the browser and refining, what seems like almost daily.  Now they have launched KIDOZ 2.0 with some exciting new features with more content and creative outlets for your kiddo as well as parental tools for you!   The Plus package of KIDOZ comes is only $4.19 a month lower them most sites that still don't give you even a fraction of the stuff you get with KIDOZ.   I know many of my readers will say, well my kiddo can't read yet, well with their web based email setting they can draw in lieu of write, expressing themselves all the way!

Not sold on what I have told you?  You know I am tough about what I let get into this house.  Try KIDOZ free by clicking on any of the links and download it and try it for free yourself.  Leave your input here or better yet email them and tell them what you think.  What you like and what you don't.  They love the input! 

Oh did I mention I am giving away 5, yes 5 FREE Plus Packages for Christmas.  That is a (5)one year subscriptions from KIDOZ to your kiddo, that's a 50 dollar value.  Entering is easy.  Leave a comment as to who you are gifting this to if you win!  You can also comment about tweets you do for the contest.  Tell a friend!   IT begins now, and I will chose the names with a random number generator on Tuesday December 22nd, 2009. 

Merry Christmas!

I was given a Plus Package for this review.

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