Monday, May 17, 2010

eShaki Review

"Shakti means power in Sanskrit. eShakti therefore means the power of the Net.  We believe the internet empowers customers and helps companies be customer-centered." With that little tag line I my curiosity was peaked.  Can a company really make affordable clothing, quickly, with a quality I would deem worthy of wearing?  Let's be honest, I am not a dress person.  Period.  Once I was approached to do a review for the company, I was at a loss as to what to choose.  I'll be honest, inside I was giddy about getting to, even for a second play dress-up.  I took to the net to ask for help.   Twitter, my regular blog and Facebook to ask for help.  Many chose what they would choose for themselves.  Cool, but this was for me and really I needed something that would fit my personality, my personal lack of style.  Looking at the products they had to chose from freaked me out, wowza!  Color choices, lengths, personal styles, how on earth can I choose alone?  Well I ended up choosing a classy little number, and quite on accident really.  See they are CONSTANTLY putting up new styles and color.  Green is my thing, not like the whole save the earth jive, but the shades make me feel...comfy.  And here comes a green dress, found on there by none other than my little dude!  
It was a green version of the purple one I had originally looked at possibly reviewing. 
My product was delivered overnight, instead of the usual three days.  I cried when I saw the dress.  Ok, it may have been partly the pain from the torn fascia in my leg.  I hobbled up the stairs to try on the dress.  I was concerned from the pic the fabric was going to be itchy, stiff, and heavy.  I pulled it out of the dress box and almost tossed it over my shoulder!  Light weight, the first thing to come to mind was it flowed with me.  Not at all stiff, it moved, not itchy either.  I am very touchy with the way cloth feels on me, this was just wonderful. I custom ordered the dress with sleeves, since I get cold easily.  I didn't realize till after the dress was on, that they had tossed on a zipper underneath the arm of the dress.  This was my least favorite thing about the whole experience.  The detailing looks so fragile and delicate in the pictures is well sewn and sturdy.  I must say, even in the leg brace this dress is beautiful.  I felt like a princess, and that is something I have not felt like in a long time!  I even went and got my hair all retouched up and retried on the dress, even more stunning, the dress that is...

I have to say, seeing as this is the first nice dress I have gotten in ages, since I am an at home student that doesn't really like to socialize with the to-do's in the area.  Though for some reason, I am supposed to.  Dresses are hardly what one would wear to the planning and set-building for haunted houses either.  I hope to wear it to a going away party soon, leg brace or not!

I took a couple pics of the dress myself.  Really the pictures are great on the site, but nothing like what they look like in person.  Go figure I can't find the stinking memory card.  I will add them here if the evil goblin ever returns my memory card. 

**The low down on eShaktiAs advertised.  Fast shipping, beautiful clothing you can get customized for a low price.  If they ever need someone to advertise their clothing, I work for cheap and have a big mouth!  Try them out, affordable in all sizes colors and styles to fit even a picky one like me!  My new go-to place to get unique clothing to match me give me some style.



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