Monday, May 03, 2010

KaBoom Baby

Being a full time wife, mother, and student I have my plate full.  Adding in the OCD's my husband has and his "need" for utter cleanliness makes cleaning a ain.  I just wanted something, anything to give me a little more time elsewhere in the house.  I didn't care where it came from as long as it was safe and kept up with the hectic ebb and flow of casa King.  Come on, we all know we all love loathe to clean out the bathrooms, especially when you are the only person producing estrogen in the house, sits to pee, and has the joy of cleaning for bathrooms.  Yep 4 freaking toilets, and a child who likes to go to the bathroom half asleep and aim is optional if you get my drift.  

We are also on a septic tank, built by a man who has a "thing" for elbow pipes.  We have to be extremely careful with water consumption, what goes down the pipes etc.  We must also keep the flora and fauna within the tank happy.  Thank goodness the lesson was learned with clean water backing up in to the basement on three separate occasions, all on the weekend and all after the 4K of new carpeting was laid down.  That's how we roll.  The culprit was "septic safe" TP that time.  Another time another review folks for that one.  Moral is it set the weatherman even more on edge when it came to the septic.  ALL cleaning products must not only be septic safe, but garner his approval.  Um, ri-ght honey, whatever you say...

As stated above I needed something to give me that little bit of extra time somewhere.  I decided one day to try out the Kaboom Scrub Free.  IT said it used Oxy Clean in it.  I love oxy clean!  
Did I tell the weatherman? Nope.  Didn't want to deal with his barrage of questions.  I tried it on one of the most used bathrooms in the house.  Below is how it all went down:
 *Product- KaBoom Scrub Free Toilet Cleaner

*The pitch- no scrubbing the toilet for up to three months.  Septic safe, and discrete, hides in the rear of the tank.  I thought why not.  Leaving me only three toilets to scrub.

*Purchased-Bought one package of KaBoom Scrub Free toilet cleaner, from Menards.  Cost aprox 7 dollars.  

*Installation-looks far more compicated then actually is, don't let it scare you.  Remove toilet tank lid.  pop one tube off replace it with the tube in the box toss on the purple holder, attach other tube to hook and stick with the clip into the pipe that pours water into the bowl.  Unscrew lid on purple container open the bag with the pellets put both inside the container, screw lid back on firmly.  Replace toilet tank lid, flush.  Done.  Simple Simon.

*Results-while I labored away on the other three bowls, I only had to do the occasional quick rubbing off with the toilet brush of particulars left by the little dude hint hint.  I liked it, the two tabs lasted about 5 and a half months.

*Pros- It keeps the bowl from streaking, or getting that weird settled-water look around the bowl if toilet isn't used that often. It didn't ruin my septic from using it, so that is always a plus.  With our well water we get streaks form the water on the porcelain of the toilets, I didn't for the entire time the product worked, also no darkening where the water comes out underneath the lid.  Another HUGE pet peeve of mine.  It didn't smell awful like the KaBoom cleaning spray does.

*Cons- That being said about the smell, it does give off a bleach smell that did alert the weatherman to its presence.  That was a bit of a put off for him.  Keep the lids up, to disperse the smell.  I wouldn't advise, just to be safe, letting animals drink out of the bowls.  This isn't an issue for us as my dog is too short to reach his head in and if he was tall enough too lazy to do so.  But a heads up as with all cleaning products for toilets watch out for your pets. Also, 7 bucks does seem a bit high, a good price mark in my opinion is 5 dollars.  I justified the 7 by dividing it by the three months advertised on the box I wouldn't have to scrub a lot on the toilet.  If you can look past it, or find a coupon, do it!

*Over all review- Would I buy it again, I did.  I recently bought a refill for the initial bathroom that had a unit installed, as well as a second unit for another bathroom.  I am hoping to sneak it through without the weatherman noticing.  Slowing working up to having one in all 4 bathrooms!  I like not having to slave over scrubbing the toilets, not having that ring in them under the lip or where the water settles.  I have heard rumors of these things exploding, I just cant see it.  Screw off the lid, put in the tabs, screw back on the lid firmly, flush.  Simple Simon!  So if you want to give your self a break, and want to spend 7 bucks to do so, I recommend, KaBoom Scrub Free Toilet Cleaner for your bathrooms.
I was in no way compensated for this review by the company in any way.  I purchased the product with my own money.



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