Friday, July 09, 2010

Tooth Soap Review

I had been hearing the buzz about this product for a few months in many blogging circles.  The idea of it being all natural appealed to me in many ways.  I was lucky enough to score some of not just the Tooth Soap itself, but the brightener, and the swish.  The company has now introduced a new bottle with a single dropper applicator.  Plus coming out in a new Whipped formula!  Coolness.  Oh did I mention they even have CHOCOLATE flavors, yes, I said chocolate.  Also they have flavors for doggie too.
When you pop open the bottle for the first time,  you can smell the flavor.  Sure I was a little weird-ed out with the product in my hand, I am going to be putting soap into my mouth willingly.  Trust me, the flashbacks to the bars, and bottle of soap from my punishments from youth came rolling into my mind.  Seriously.  I sucked it up and did the mature thing, I had Little Dude try it first.  I'm sure that day he was earning soap in his mouth anyways...
Ala Mikey he liked it.  He started running around yelling, "I have rabies, look Mom!  Grrr."  Sure enough foaming all over around his mouth, plus wild giggling.  BTW, after giving your kids Tooth Soap, the threat of I'll wash your mouth out it null and void.

I have been using the product for about a month.  The claims on the site are...

surprisingly true!  My teeth really do feel cleaner than a post dental cleaning.  For me the most wonderful thing was the lack of sensitivity in my mouth.  I used to cringe at the thought of drinking ice water with out a straw, after the first week, I have been eating slushies daily.  Happily!  For me just that alone is worth it.  I think the next flavor we will be trying is the Salty flavor, Little Dude loves the saltiness of the swish, so that would make the most sense to purchase next.

All and all I liked the concept of the product. I was at first skeptical of the remineralization claims,  BUT have you taken a look at the new ACT commercials?  BOOM baby, yep they use the remineralization angle too but with additives that pretty much strip away the claims.  ACT FAIL!  But Reminerilizing gets stripped away with the use of additives in tooth pastes also.  I challenge you to find a tooth paste that can claim no additives, at all.

That's where this product is BRILLIANT!  It holds water, and without boring you with too much factoids physiologically it does gel with information attained in my Advanced Anatomy and Physiology book.  I am looking forward to the new bottles and for the whipped versions of the tooth soap itself.   Try it yourself, your teeth will thank you!

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